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Why Silverleaf Group

Planning and development are becoming an increasingly complex and challenging business to achieve a positive outcome in, and without the correct approach canresult in a valuable asset turning into a costly liability.

Adverse planning can stop a site being developed and so it is essential to choose the right partner to guide you through the process and provide you with the best chance possible of capitalising on your asset.

Silverleaf have a proven track record of obtaining successful planning consents on even the most complex and difficult sites. We have continued to maintain a 90% success rate at obtaining planning permission over the 16 years we have been established.

As an independent family owned company, we can appraise and make an offer for potential sites and properties in a quick and efficient manner with direct contact with all of the directors of the company as a standard.

This not only allows you to discuss any queries you may have with the decision makers but also gives you the peace of mind that we are only a phone call away. We are well funded and are supported by understanding lenders who have the same beliefs and enthusiasm we do, enabling us to carry outtransactions quickly and efficiently.